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What is the Genie Network?

Genie Network is an organization that connects business professionals and like minded individuals that share the same interests. 

Genie Network is designed to educate and train its business membership how to build strategic partnerships, retain and identify them through a series of exercises.

Genie Network is about giving existing networking groups and associations and organizations tools to network.  Introductions to the right connections therefore building your business or enhancing your experience in networking.  Genie Network is affordable with feature rich content and training.  You build your group - we provide the tools.


  • Word of mouth referrals
  • Introductions to business contacts
  • Business mentoring
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Art of Networking training 
  • Referrals
  • Multiple business people act as your personal sales team.
  • Ongoing Education
  • Mentoring
  • Cost Effective Contacts
  • Unlimited Contacts In Your Network
  • Invite members into your network
  • Connect With Business in New Territories
What is included in the Step-by-Step build it program?


  • Cost Effective Contacts
  • Step-by-Step instructions and tools
  • How to build referrals
  • Invite members into your network
  • Business excersises and team building tools 
 How is the Genie Network different from other networking organizations? 

Genie Network provides you with the tools and educational pieces.  A business referral club is made up of a group of like-minded business professionals that want to grow their business through "word of mouth" referrals. These groups may be located on our website under the calendar and under your specific state.

Each club is made up of business professional or like-minded people they act as your sales team and strive to reach customers like yours. Some clubs meet monthly others meet monthly and have online meetings weekly.  Building business relationships builds warm referrals. 

How do I Purchase?  

Items will be located on the Tool Box List tab on top.   Decide how do you do business?  Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Direct Marketing/MLM, Faith Based, Specialty and more.  The Step-by-Step tool kit will assist you in building your Business Networking Group.

How do I start a business networking group? 

You may start a club -
How to start a business networking goup. 

How do I pay for tools and items I want?

Payment can be made with your credit card Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or PayPal.  Simply click the buy now button under the item you want.  Most items once payment is made are delivered automatically to your email box.

Is there a time commitment? 

Building relationships takes time we ask you give the club and networking one year.  

How do I cancel my membership?

With Genie Network there are no contracts.  Pay for what you need not what everyone thinks you need.  Some private groups may have pricing or terms outside of the Genie Network.  The Genie Network provides tools and support.  Your business networking group and the terms and conditions of your group are provided by your group.
How do I get referrals?  

Your may pass referrals at any time.  As you build referrals and complete the exercises that are part of your membership strategic business partnerships form and referrals are a by-product of the relationship.

How do I find a opening in a existing club?

Simply contact the search the Genie Network's site for the group listed in your area. 

Is there a code of conduct? 

Each club sets their guidelines in addition to the guidelines of the organization.  Please refer to the terms and conditions of your existing group.


How many categories can join a club? 

One person per category based on type of business referral club you are joining.  There are exceptions such as vertical clubs or web based.

Can my membership be terminated? 

Yes, your membership can be terminated for unethical, unprofessional services, spamming, soliciting members inappropriately.  See Terms and Conditions of agreement. 

Can I offer “special value offers” to the membership?

Yes, members may offer “special offers” to the membership there are several vehicles to do so.

What training is provided?

Training is provided online and by your Genie Team Leader that are registered with the Genie Network.  Each week each business referral club is given an exercise to work through in their club.  There are several training modules that are available to members. E-learning links are emailed to membership weekly.  

What support do I receive? 

Training materials, classes, training modules, Art of Networking ongoing training sold in packages and
 ala carte'.

What is the purpose and mission of a Business Networking Group? 

The purpose of a business networking club is to build strategic partnerships and relationships with other like minded business people the result is referrals.  Through exercises you will learn what makes your customer “your customer” by recognizing the series of events that make them your customer and finding like business triggers you can eliminate cold calling.  

Do I have to Attend meetings?

Each business networking club has guidelines set by the club.  Genie Network has basic guidelines.  Most clubs meet monthly at set day and time.  Most meet over breakfast or lunch.  Example:  1st Tuesday each month for lunch at 11:30 at (restaurant of your choice)  Agenda’s are templated for your meeting and found in your club education section.

Can I publish articles and newsletters on the Genie Network site?

Yes, submit your article or newsletter to and we will upload appropriate information.

Where do Clubs typically meet?

Most clubs meet over breakfast or lunch.  Some meet over coffee in coffee houses. 

Are there outside networking events (example: Business Socials, Expos, Training Sessions)?

Genie Network also provides information of Business Socials, Expos, Tradeshow events through event partners and training modules located on your state site and on the calendar opf events search by state.

Can I change groups if I change jobs or move? 

Yes, you can transfer clubs as your business needs change.  You may also join a Specialty Club as well as a business club.
  If there is a group in your area and there is an opening you may transfer with the Genie Team Leads permission.

How many members can belong to a group? 

Depending on the type of club will depend on it’s members.  Most clubs that meet monthly build to 25 –30.  Clubs over 30 meet in an after hours setting because of the size of the club.

Can I request an introduction of a member in another state ? 

Yes, you are not limited to territories or regions.

Can I invite others to join? 

Yes, the larger your club grows the more referrals you will receive.

Genie Network
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