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Premeditated Business Networking

Because…success doesn’t just happen.

Can you tell a “professional visitor” from “someone who really wants to get business done?”

Have you ever met someone, had a brief discussion, then afterwards wondered . . .

  • · What was her/his name again?
  • · What did he/she say she did?
  • · Why would I care?
  • · Did he/she want something?

There are those that dive into a well-rehearsed elevator a runaway train, full speed ahead without regard or understanding of where they are going.

Some people believe in the “throw enough crap at the wall something will stick” approach to selling. But when you are selling yourself, what you do or how you get it done, this method can just leave a real mess to clean up later.

Many business professionals look for business in an Apple Orchard when they should be in the Orange Grove. Would you know if you were in the right place?

When marketing your business to your peers, associates and potential clients they need to be excited to do business with you. Not just know what you do.

In this 3.5 – 4 hour workshop:

  • · You will learn how to market your business and build a team of strategic sales professionals that work together.
  • · Take a quick tour of where you are at now.
  • · Map out your business and strategic partners - creating clarity like never before.
  • · Create a concise marketing plan and set goals.
  • · Learn how to effectively work an event and capitalize on every opportunity.
  • · Many people think business networking is Facebook, LinkedIn or You Tube what role do they play in making connections?
  • · We will tie in Social Networking with Business Conventional Networking and how they work together.

We will learn how to capitalize on the 78% peer recommendation for your products and services.

After this workshop you will have a clear, concise understanding of how to market and communicate your business.

Because Knowledge Is Your Power,


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Coming Soon.  Please contact us for dates in your area.

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The historic building Bostwick building Downtown will be the home of a steakhouse restaurant and rooftop bar, new owner Jacques Klempf said today while presenting his plans to the city's Downtown Investment Authority. Called the Cowford Chopshop, the restaurant could be open by the end of the year. Since 2013, Klempf had suggested he had such plans for the building, which he picked up for $165,000 at auction in July. The building at 101 E. Bay St., which has been a long-time eyesore, will now…

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Bank of America, Wal-Mart among Tampa Bay employers with above-average tax rates
Several large banks and leading retailers paid tax rates above the national average in 2013, while a major communications firm paid a below-average rate. A new study from WalletHub finds the average 2013 overall tax rate for the S&P 100 - the largest and most established companies on the stock market - was 28.3 percent. Among the companies paying higher overall rates in 2013 were Bank of America, at 29.3 percent; JPMorgan Chase, 30.8 percent; and Wells Fargo, 31.9 percent. All have a significant…

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Wawa en route to 57 C. Fla. stores by 2016
Did you pass a Wawa on your way to work today? If not, don’t worry — you soon will. The Pennsylvania-based fuel-and-convenience retailer, which has been in huge growth mode since entering the Orlando market in 2012, is kicking off plans for the next round of 50 stores for the Sunshine State, as it debuts its 50th Florida store on Sept. 18 near downtown Orlando. A little closer to home, Wawa also is en route to having a total of 36 metro Orlando stores by the end of this year and will grow…

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Coming soon: Duffy’s Sports Grill opening in Orlando, Keke’s expanding
A growing South Florida restaurant chain is breaking into the Central Florida market, while a popular Orlando-based breakfast chain plans its expansion into other parts of the Sunshine State. Lake Worth-based Duffy’s Sports Grill will open its first Orlando eatery Sept. 19 near the Mall at Millenia. The sports-themed restaurant will debut at 4158 Conroy Road and will be the chain’s 25th location. It’s also the first of several locations planned for Central Florida, with the next Duffy’s…

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Miami-based Net Element has wild ride on NASDAQ
Miami company Net Element had a roller coaster day on the stock market Wednesday, with more than 28 million shares trading hands. The mobile payment and transaction firm (NASDAQ: NETE) saw stock prices rise nearly 65 percent to $4.28 from yesterday’s closing price of $2.60. By 4 p.m. Eastern, prices had settled at $2.98. Net Element’s skyrocketing stock prices came after the company announced it would use Apple’s new mobile payment system, Apple Pay. The company saw its stock plummet almost…

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 21:02:00 +0000

Geraghty using MediFuture to introduce GuideWell to national health care execs
Health care executives roaming the halls of this year's MediFuture 2024 conference in Tampa met leaders from a lot of companies they might not have heard of yet, but one of those companies they are sure to hear a lot from going forward. Florida Blue is using MediFuture to introduce GuideWell to the national health care community. "We have used this event as a signature launch of GuideWell's new marketing campaign," said Florida Blue and GuideWell CEO Pat Geraghty in an interview during the conference.…

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New Boeing, SpaceX plan may launch space tourism industry in C. Fla.
Taking the everyday person into space. We've heard billionaire and Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson talk about the possibility, but it always seemed too out of this world. Not so much anymore, folks. We are going to host a party on the moon ... maybe. NASA's announcement naming Boeing Co. and SpaceX as the agencies to transport astronauts to the International Space Station brings us one step closer to commercialized space tourism and the creation of new tourism business opportunities,…

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New LGBT fund awards $100,000 in local grants
The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida announced the establishment of a new fund, the LGBT Community Fund for Northeast Florida, and identified the organizations that will receive a total of $100,000 in grants. The newly created fund is a giving circle, a group of individuals that collectively gives to and focuses on meeting specific needs, in this case, the needs of the local LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. The fund’s contributors include Jeff Chartrand, advisor…

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Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program awards first round of funding
Space Florida and Israel’s Industrial Center for Research & Development have announced the first-round winners of research and development funding tied to the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program. The program was established last October when the state of Florida and Israel formed a $2 million recurring joint program to support research, development and commercialization of aerospace and technology projects that benefit both. First-round funding of $460,000 went to two groups: Mirco…

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 19:58:00 +0000
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Grow Your Business With Genie Magic
Grow Your Business With Genie Magic