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Premeditated Business Networking

Because…success doesn’t just happen.

Can you tell a “professional visitor” from “someone who really wants to get business done?”

Have you ever met someone, had a brief discussion, then afterwards wondered . . .

  • · What was her/his name again?
  • · What did he/she say she did?
  • · Why would I care?
  • · Did he/she want something?

There are those that dive into a well-rehearsed elevator a runaway train, full speed ahead without regard or understanding of where they are going.

Some people believe in the “throw enough crap at the wall something will stick” approach to selling. But when you are selling yourself, what you do or how you get it done, this method can just leave a real mess to clean up later.

Many business professionals look for business in an Apple Orchard when they should be in the Orange Grove. Would you know if you were in the right place?

When marketing your business to your peers, associates and potential clients they need to be excited to do business with you. Not just know what you do.

In this 3.5 – 4 hour workshop:

  • · You will learn how to market your business and build a team of strategic sales professionals that work together.
  • · Take a quick tour of where you are at now.
  • · Map out your business and strategic partners - creating clarity like never before.
  • · Create a concise marketing plan and set goals.
  • · Learn how to effectively work an event and capitalize on every opportunity.
  • · Many people think business networking is Facebook, LinkedIn or You Tube what role do they play in making connections?
  • · We will tie in Social Networking with Business Conventional Networking and how they work together.

We will learn how to capitalize on the 78% peer recommendation for your products and services.

After this workshop you will have a clear, concise understanding of how to market and communicate your business.

Because Knowledge Is Your Power,




Coming Soon.  Please contact us for dates in your area.

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Grow Your Business With Genie Magic